I have been a cat owner and have lived with cats for 25 years! I live with 3 cats right now named Spencer (Grey Tabby), Milo (White Cat) and Punky (Black Cat).

We offer your Cat or Cats “Free Cat Pet Massage” with lots of Love, Play Time and Special Pampering.

Cat Care Services Provided:

If you’re Traveling on Vacation or away on a Business trip –

  • We can come visit your cat or kitties. We will come play with and pet your cat /cats and spend quality time with your cat / cats.
  • We do specialize in Pet massage and Pet acupessure for older cats.
  • We will come feed your cat / cats. We will feed the them wet / dry food as directed.
  • Give them medication. We will give your cats medication as directed in a “Free Consultation”
  • We will also add new Cat litter to their litter box and keep the litter box really clean for them.
  • As well as taking great care of your cats, we will also take good care of your home.
  • We provide home and pet security, bring in the mail, water the plants and keep the house really clean.

One Heart Cat Care Prices:

  • Cat Visits: 1 Cat $25   |   2 Cats $35. This includes feeding them, giving them fresh water, changing the liter box and giving them lots of affection, pet massages, playing with them and giving them lots of TLC!
  • Giving cats medications is $5.00-$10.00 per day.