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We are a very loving and kind dog walking and pet sitting service!

Dog Trotters (Aloha Pet Care) Billing Policy.

• Invoicing by the 5th of every month for the whole month of dog walking,
• Full payment due by the 10th of every month.
• Walking cancellation will be credited for the next month,


1/3 deposit required for the whole amount of the pet sitting job in advance to reserve the pet sitting date. This guarantees that we are committed to providing service on those dates and will not cancel on them. A deposit shows that our clients are commited to us and will not cancel on us as well.

How we charge for dog and pet boarding and overnight dog and pet sitting: When dog(s) or pet(s) are boarded for a day or week we only charge you for pet care for the full day.This includes walking your dog(s), feeding your dog(s), giving your dog(s) medications and giving your dog(s) lots of love and pet massages. For instance, if we pick up your dog(s) in the morning on the first day of service (for example on a Monday), and return your dog(s) or pet(s) Wednesday morning, we would only charge you for 2 full days. If we were to return your dog(s) or pet(s) Wednesday evening, we would charge for 3 full days of service. If we pick up your dog(s) or pet(s) in the afternoon or evening and return your dog(s) or pet(s) in the afternoon or evening, this would also be considered a full evening and overnight of service. We are fair with our rates but we do have to charge for the quality time we give to your dog(s) and pet(s). Paw hugs and love! Don David/Owner.


• Full payment required for the job on the day we start.
• Full payment for the number of dog walks and pet visits

Clients can mail us a check for the deposit to hold the Pet Sitting dates.
Mail check to: Dog Trotters, P.O. Box 2646, San Rafael, Ca 94912

All dogs must be on flea and tick medicine. The suggested flea and tick medicine is Advantage 2, Frontline or Comfortis, which is the most effective in getting rid of fleas. (Need a vet prescription to get medicine.)

*Safety comes first! All dogs will be walked on a leash from car to trail to maintain their safety and to keep all dog(s) away from cars and any danger. Once we are on the trail and far away from the parking lot, I will let the dogs off leash to run around and play.

*Safety and Training: Any dog(s) showing any aggressive behavior towards people or other dog(s) will need to wear a basket muzzle. You can order them online or purchase them at your local pet supply store. Muzzles are safe for dogs and prevent any dog bites and dog fights. Basket muzzles work better because they allow the dog(s) to breath better and dog(s) can drink water while wearing them.

*Dog Trotters Communication: We always send text messages and pictures of how your dog(s) are doing while on the trails playing and running with other dogs. We also leave detailed notes when we return home with your dog(s) to let you know if your dog(s) went pee and poop and how your dog(s) did that day with the other dogs on the trail (Open space of Marin.)

All clients will receive $50.00 off their next month’s invoice when they refer a new dog walking client to Dog Trotters. The new client has a to be a regular client using Dog Trotters a minimum of twice a week or 8 times a month.

We at Dog Trotters carry poop bags on us at all times and we at dog trotters are committed to picking up dog poop from our dog(s). We also will pick up poop on the trail from other dog(s). If we see poop on the trail we will pick it up!

We specialize in giving all or pets kindness and love! We will give all our dog(s) and Pet(s) a pet message when greeting them for their walk and a pet massage after their walk. We have experience in giving pet(s) circular massage, T-Touch, Native American healing (Lakota) and Chinese acupressure.

*Dog Trotters Scheduling: When scheduling for the month or the week, we are happy to reserve time Monday through Friday for your dog(s) in our dog walking group. Whether you use us 1 day a week or 5 days a week, we will hold that space for your dog(s) to be in our group. We have a number and limit on how many dogs we can have in our group and on the trails so we want to keep the consistency of the same dogs per day and times in our dog walking groups.

We are also open to having clients with dog(s) who want to call us the day of and add their dog(s) into our dog walking group.

*Dog Trotters Cancellations Policy. When cancelling your dog for a dog walk, please text us by 5pm the previous day. If you text us the same day of the cancellation, there is a chance we might not receive the text or call because sometimes our phones are charging or turned off. Always make sure you have received a text or call back confirming we have received your cancellation text or call. For some reason, if you have not heard back from us, this means we have not received your cancellation text or call and will most likely come out to pick up your dog(s) for his/her walk on that day. Also, we are happy to give you a credit walk(s) on the following month for any cancelled dog walk(s) in the present month. Please try and limit the times you cancel on us because we hold the space and time for your dog(s) to be in group(s) and we might turn away business because we have a limit on how many dogs we are allowed to walk on the trails in Marin county.

Aloha Pet Hugs,
Don David Topliff.
(415) 261-0102.


Pet Care Services are offered
in Marin County, California.

Cities Served in Marin County – San Rafael, San Anselmo, Larkspur, Novato, Fairfax, Corte Madera, Mill Valley, Sausalito, Greenbrae, Kentfield, Ross, Terra Linda